Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vintage Tapestry Cushion

It was Aunty L's B'day the other day, I love finding the perfect present for her as she has a great taste for vintage mixed with a little funk.  I found this old tapestry in our local collectable centre for $20.  You know the type of tapestry masterpiece that comes in a kit, with all the cottons so you can sew by numbers?  I just find it so sad to see these so often in charity shops - all professionally framed and unloved.  The finished product doesn't seem hold much value other to the person who made it.   Some of these anonymous sewers are so talented, I don't imagine I will ever be able to sew that neatly or consistently. 

 I recently met an older woman at a market trying to sell 6 80x120 cm framed tapestries that she had impeccably sewn but was downsizing and unable to fit them in the new place.  She was wanting over $400 each!  She said they were very expensive kits and I am sure they were.  Unfortunately they were also Darcy Doyle type Bushmen on horses outback scenes that just didn't lend themselves to needlepoint.  I hope she found someone to treasure them.   

Anyway this little cottage is so sweet, the frame was yuck and not in great condition so perfect,  I thought to make into a cushion for Aunty L.



A side
B - Side.  Bit of left over Ikea fabric. I know the ikea fabric
it doesn't quite do the A side justice but it was the only heavy weight fabric I had.
How nice would a vintage rose have looked?   

Aunty L was very happy with her birthday cushion and it looks great on her grey lounge.


  1. What a beautiful way to showcase all that work. I have a couple of tapestries that I have picked up in op-shops. Maybe one day I will use them. Haveyou seen the ones made into bags? Cherrie

    1. I haven't seen the bags, I will go and have a look now :)

  2. how cute is your pillow

  3. How clever are you! To turn something that was unloved into a living piece of art. Useful, and it just seems to breathe now that it is out from behind the glass. Fantastic.

  4. Hi! I just nominated your blog for a Liebster award, I'd love for you to come by and check out the post!
    x Lauren

    1. Wow Lauren, thank-you so much for that, will go now and have a look! x

  5. What a fab idea! I'll start looking more closely at the oppy's now!