Friday, November 18, 2011

Fabric from Linny and Mr Important

I don't usually buy fabric from Linny Lincraft as I am not a huge fan, I pop in from time to time for supplies like elastic and pins etc.  When I was in the other day I saw this fabric and felt that creative zing, you know that feeling when you have to race straight home, neglect your family and make something?
Not sure what the fabric is other than very synthetic and slippery with a great print.
Feeling so confident about the last Dress A as a top I made
I raced into making another....
Lets just say the Bias Binding was not as successful as the last time.
I needed to cut the bias binding wider as I got a bit caught out.
Consequently I don't think this top will survive it's first wash.
Mr Daddy begrudgingly took a side shot for me,
I had to make do taking the rest myself.
I was interrupting his very important work because  he is very important!
They were his words not mine.
I think you are important sweetheart.

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