Thursday, August 4, 2011

1/2 Hour Maxi Skirt

I have decided it's all about the maxi skirt for me this spring.  It's going to take along time to get these legs ready for summer after the winter lock down.  I got a fabulous piece of Lawn from Spotty the other day and literally make this skirt in half an hour before making dinner.  That is my kind of sewing!  This is how I made mine...
0ne piece of Spotty Lawn length 2m by width 120cm.
Cut 12 cm min from the length this will become the elastic waistband yoke.  
Trim waistband piece to fit  around broadest part of hips - size 10 to 12 approx. = 1 meter.

Sew two ends of  yoke piece to make a big loop.
Sew together two length ends to make a large tube.
 Gather fabric at the top of the tube,  baste and pin to waistband yoke
Secure with seam and trim excess fabric - this is where an overlocker pays for its self.
Turn over yoke to cover trimmed seam and sew leaving a 2 cm opening
between start and finish seam to allow elastic to be threaded through. 
Finish with another seam line for strength and an extra row of stitching on the tope edge of yoke
where fabric was folded.  This will help keep the elastic in place.
Not the best colours to show up seams but if you squint you may be able to see.
Thread through elastic and join elastic ends.
Hem to desired length and job Done!

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