Monday, July 18, 2011

Gift Bags and Baby Echidnas

Because I have a bag fetish and make too many bags I have a box in my cupboard full of little bags of all types.  I love them all so much that I don't end up doing anything with them, you know when they are too precious to use so they just stay hidden away.  Well this term I am going to start a bit de-clutter blitz as I am feeling overwhelmed with all the STUFF we have.  What better place to start than the bag box in my cupboard.  

We had a third birthday party this weekend so Miss S choose a little farm-yard bag to be our gift bag and stuffed it full of goodies.

P.S. This is the birthday party cake made by the very talented Aunty L, isn't it great and the baby echidnas where a very big hit.  Miss M has ordered baby echidnas for her party in a few weeks time.

P.P.S This cake photo was taken by the very talented Chani Ridley.

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